Soups and Chowdahs



NEW ENGLAND CLAM CHOWDA      cup   6          bowl   8 
Oyster crackers

CHILE CON CARNE (gf)   cup  6       bowl   8
corn tortilla chips

CORN CHOWER (gf)  cup   7   bowl   10                        
LOBSTER CORN CHOWDER (gf) cup  10   bowl  14

House specialties: fresh corn steamed then taken off the cobs, cobs grilled to a mahogany brown
to develop the smokey flavor then added to a rich corn broth slowly simmered, finished with a touch of butter and cream
THAI UDON NOODLE SOUP bowl only  11 choice:  chicken 7    beef 7    shrimp 9    scallops 9     lobster 12
A rich broth of lemon grass, ginger, garlic, Asian vegetables with an abundance of udon noodles