Lobster Dinner at Stewart's Seafood Restaurant.

Stewart’s began years ago when Elmo Stewart was inadvertently thrown overboard while tying down a masthead on board one of the many schooners that plied the waters of the Cape in search of Right Whales. He drifted on the tide until he washed ashore on what is now Coast Guard Beach in Eastham.

Nah, that’s not quite true. Fact is, I’m a wash ashore like many here on the Cape who come down and fall in love with its natural beauty. As an executive chef for many years from one coast to the other and all parts in between, I loved the feel of the Cape and Islands, so here we are.

My wife Karen is my guiding light.  In her company I am made to realize the beauty and good fortune of marriage and partnership. She is my beacon.

 We encourage you to let us know how you like our little restaurant and what we can do to make it better.

We appreciate your business and hope to earn your trust and see you again and again as we are Stewart’s Seafood Restaurant & Tavern, a Cape Cod restaurant with a twist.