Such a wonderful subject, so little space, too much detail, But we’ll try.

CAESAR SALAD (gf)  romaine lettuce,  imported parmesan, white anchovies, seasoned croutons, our caesar dressing. (gf- omit croutons) 15
CAPRESE SALAD (gf) fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, vine ripe tomatoes,  imported parmesan, house balsamic vinaigrette.. simply perfect. 14
OUR GOLDEN BEET SALAD can’t touch this presentation, slow roasted yellow beets, sliced on organic field greens, marinated Italian onions,                        tomatoes, walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette.  16
ICEBERG WEDGE Exceptional Blue Hill blue cheese locally produced, New Hampshire applewood smoked bacon, Italian onions, chives, toss in a few cherry tomatoes and voila! 16
STEWARTS HOUSE SALAD Organic field greens, grated carrots, cukes, cucumbers, marinated Italian onions, cranberries, cherry tomatoes, House balsalmic dressing. 9

Menu & prices subject to change.