VEGETARIAN LO MEIN Lots of oriental vegetables, wonderful lo mein noodles finished with garlic, soy, fresh ginger 16
1 1/4 lbs and 2lb Served with seasonal vegetables, choice of: fries, house potato or rice du jour
1 1/4 lbs and 2lb Succulent steamed lobster with roasted potatoes, ear of corn (hears everything YOU say), clams, drawn butter with lemon.
BAKES STUFFED LOBSTER 1 1/4 lbs and 2lb A classic for a reason, Stuffed with shrimp, scallops, crab, whole butter, white wine, dill, touch of lemon, seasoned breadcrumbs. Baked to perfection! Served with seasonal vegetables, and choice of fries, house potato, or rice du jour. market
COD PICATTA The standard by which to judge all other piccatas on the Cape, so says me. Fresh cod, lemon, capers, whole butter, white wine, and a few desirable spices. Served with seasonal vegetables and our rice du jour. 24
BROILED SALMON A lovely filet of salmon, broiled just right, with Chef’s creation, so please ask your server. Served with seasonal vegetables and our rice du jour. 23
GRILLED SWORDFISH A delicious “steak” prepared with Chef’s creation, so please ask your server. Served with seasonal vegetables and our rice du jour. 22
SESAME TUNA DINNER Again, great fresh tuna, lightly seared with sesame seeds, pickled ginger, wasabi, ponzu sauce 25
SHRIMP SCAMPI Gulf of Mexico shrimp delicately sauteed with garlic, lemon, cherry tomatoes over linguini. A classic recipe. 23
All Baked entrees served with seasonal vegetables and our rice du jour.
BAKED SCALLOPS Day boat fresh, baked in casserole with white wine, butter, lemon dill, seasoned breadcrumbs market
BAKED COD Day boat fresh cod meets whole butter, deliciously seasoned breadcrumbs, touch of lemon and white wine. Into the oven til it’s all bubbly. 20
BAKED SEAFOOD TRIO OMG! it’s all there. Scallops, shrimp, cod, whole butter, white wine, lemon, seasoned breadcrumbs. 25
LOBSTER RAVIOLI One of the best ravioli makers in the state is Lilly’s of Boston. Filled with succulent lobster, touch of dill complimented with our lobster cream sauce. 23
LINGUINI WITH CLAM SAUCE A beloved standard, loaded with clams. You won’t have to hunt for them! 23
CHICKEN LO MEIN Boneless marinated chicken, lots of oriental vegetables, wonderful lo mein noodles, finished with garlic soy, fresh ginger 16
BEEF LOVERS: FLAT IRON STEAK I think it’s better than sirloin and more flavorful. Marinated in soy, ginger, pineapple, and a touch of ginger served with fries and seasonal vegetables. 22
A word on frying: fried foods are not bad for you; however, bad frying is bad for you. We do good frying, which means proper temperature, no trans fats and clean oil every day. Therefore, indulge with a clear conscience. We’re on vacation, aren’t we?
WHOLE BELLY CLAMS This is what a clam should be, period! Served with fries and slaw. market
FRIED SCALLOPS Sweet, day boat fresh, lightly fried, served with fries and slaw market
FISHERMANS PLATTER The whole enchilada from the sea: shrimp, scallops, calamari, cod. Lots of seafood, lots of hungry man-woman stuff here. Fries and slaw. You supply the suntan lotion. 29
FISH AND CHIPS Fresh, never frozen, day boat cod. Fried to perfection, served with fries, slaw and malt vinegar, just like in ole England (only we use real cod instead of wolf fish) 17
FRIED OYSTERS With a kickin’ bayou sauce, tartar sauce and fries. 23