Did someone say entree time? Lets get started. I do have a tendency to change depending on product availability, quality, freshness, and plain old whimsy.

LOBSTER LOBSTERS LOBSTERS Visit out lobster tank. 1 1/2 – 2lbs. Served with roasted potatoes, slaw and seasonal vegetable. Market Price, Ask your Server
CHICKEN PIE Old fashion style delicious. Served with roasted  potatoes or house salad. 18
CLAM PIE You won’t believe how wonderful this is.
I’ll tell you the secret, but you’ll have to ask. Served with roasted potatoes or house salad.
BRAISED SHORT RIBS (gf) Braised in a Pinot Noir sauce with garlic, Porcini mushrooms, herbs, very slowly til it falls apart. Served with roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetable. 26
BAKED COD (gf) In the classic New England tradition, baked in lemon and butter, white wine, and topped with seasoned breadcrumbs. Served with seasonal vegetable and rice. 24
COD PICATTA If I ever think of taking this off the menu, there would be an uproar yikes! Old standards are such for a reason. Fresh cod, sauteed with lemon, capers, butter, white wine and a few desirable spices. Served with our sushi rice and seasonal vegetable. 24
LINGUINI AND CLAMS Delicious clam sauce loaded with clams you won’t have to hunt for. 23
LOBSTER MAC AND CHEESE Creamy. Baked with three cheeses. A classic. 22
CURRIED SCALLOPS Another of our locals’ favorites. Dayboat fresh scallops, flash sauteed with pistachios, and finished wih a hint of coconut and curry sauce, topped with our seaweed salad. Scallops keep going up, Sorry 28
FISH AND CHIPS All cod. Never frozen. Plenty of it. Fries. Slaw. Tartar sauce. Lemon. Try dipping the Cod in malt vinegar, that’s the way of the English. 20
COQUILLE ST. WILLIAM (gf) Dayboat scallops in casserole, with creamy Gruyere sauce, Crimini mushrooms and finished with a hint of cognac. Topped with Gruyere cheese and breadcrumbs. With seasonal vegetable. You will lick the dish, and I want you to, after all you’re home, so relax, lick! (gf omit breadcrumbs) ¬†28

Menu & prices subject to change.