Full Pounder with lemon and drawn butter.
No they are not angry, instead succulent. You have your choice: mustard cream sauce or marinara with garlic. Toast points. Whichever way, you won’t lose.
Like our fried clams full entree but sometimes you don’t want all those clams and fries. So here’s a bit to whet your appetite.
OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL You know ’em you luv’ em. Cocktail sauce and lemon. Half-Dozen 13 Dozen 24 13/24
OYSTERS ROCKERFELLER Filled with spinach, cream, onions, garlic, Sambuca, parmesan cheese, topped with panko breadcrumbs and baked delicately. 15
LOBSTER STUFFED MUSHROOMS More lobster please, with a touch of mornay sauce. Three overstuffed beauties. 13
CALAMARI Only the finest squid picked by Charlie Tuna crosses our doors. Deep fried and served over a wee bit of marinara and a drizzle of tartar sauce. 13
LAMB LOLLIPOPS Three tender delicate lamb chops with basalmic/lemon dressing. Perfect for lamb lovers. 14
GRILLED ARTICHOKE HEARTS These artichokes are marinated Italian style, grilled then splashed with Limonchelllo and laid on a bed of fresh Italian greens. EAT! 15
SHRIMP COCKTAIL Old fashioned served with cocktail sauce and lemon. Freshly steamed every day. 10
SUPER NACHOS (without the cape) Over the top nachos, too many, but I can’t help myself! Cheese, fresh salsa, lean chili beef with avocado, sour cream and spicy sour cream. Good eats! 13
SESAME TUNA Fresh tuna, sesame seeds, pickled ginger, wasabi and ponzu sauce. The Cape has some of the best tuna in the world, even “they” vacation here. Enjoy! 14
HUMMUS My wife’s happy now. Chickpeas, tahini, lemon, kosher salt, garlic, red onions, served with pita bread for scraping the plate 11