sauteed in garlic, served with toast points. marinara sauce, or garlic,  white wine sauce.
WINGUS DINGUS Latin for wing dings, plain or buffalo sauce,  served with blue cheese dressing for dipping. 11
OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL didn’t you come to the Cape for these? cocktail sauce and lemon. half-dozen 13 dozen 24 14/25
SESAME TUNA (gf) A+ tuna center cut. They vacation here, too, seared rare with wasabi, pickled ginger, 17
LOBSTER GUACAMOLE, OLE! (gf) & always fresh house-made, tortilla chips. It’s expensive but you’re worth it! 22
FRIED CALAMARI squid can grow so large, they can swallow a man whole. However, we use the smaller version so you can swallow them. R.I. style with pickled banana peppers. 15
VEGETARIAN EGGROLLS served with sweet & sour sauce. 15
SOUTHWEST CHICKEN EGGROLLS served with sweet & sour sauce. 18
COCONUT SHRIMP served with sweet & sour sauce. 17
SUPER NACHOS (gf) crazy with chili, cheese, sour cream, olives, salsa, corn tortillas…oh, stop me!  It’s for more than one 15

Menu & prices subject to change.